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Passport, Inc., Al

Destination: Kathmandu, Nepal and Lilongwe, Malawi

We sent five women to Kathmandu, Nepal. Their mission was to love the children they met and determine if there were future possibilities for ministry from the Passport world. The women and children they fell in love with have been rescued from human trafficking and offered restoration and a hopeful new beginning.

A group of 22 students and adults traveled to Malawi this summer to work alongside Malawian students. They visited schools and learned to make bricks all while making new friends. They practiced Chichewa and sang about Living Water! They also had conversations about how to be a helpful presence as Christians in the world participating with others to break the cycle of poverty through sustainable solutions over the long haul.


Everyone needs peace of mind. Serving Abroad provided that for us. We were making plans to visit locations “off the grid,” and knowing that we had access to health care and trip insurance was quite reassuring.

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