Putting a plan in place to handle the unexpected has never been easier!

To ensure peace of mind for the person, or group, traveling abroad, as well as the family at home, securing the proper health coverage is imperative. Listed below are just a few testimonials of traveling abroad both with and without the proper health plan in place. After reading these testimonials, stop and ask yourself which situation you would rather be in.

Knowing that our team had health coverage if it became necessary gave us great peace of mind. They could stay focused on ministering to others and fulfill the mission set before them.
Amy Kerr
Pastor's Secretary
Life Church
As the mission director, I need to know I have a trusted and helpful source that can not only answer all my questions, but can step in on our churches behalf if needed for the small and big emergencies. I require every WHC trip participant to have travel insurance. For such a low cost it is one of the best investments you can make for your mission teams.
Sally Berto
MIssions Director
World Harvest
Protection for the team members is extremely important and we make every effort ensure the safety and protection of the team during each mission trip.
Dr. Letra M. Smith
Director, Evangelism/Mission/Discipleship Division
Elizabeth Baptist Church

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